The NODA Awards

-- Please note - the call for entries is now closed --

The NODA awards had its debut on the conference in november 2013, and will enter its second edition in january 2015, honouring projects from 2014. The goal for the awards is to stimulate cases on the top international level. Deadline for entries is 31.12 2014.

The prizes are awarded for the following categories:

1. Facts

(Datadriven investigative journalism – using data to reveal facts.)

Should have influence on society. Journalism and user experience on the highest level. Usage of one or more datasets should be significant for the project.

2. Storytelling

(Data storytelling with text, visualization, video)

Storytelling providing insight through putting data in context. Text, graphics, video, maps or other innovative presentations of data.

3. Application

(Data-driven applications)

Sharing data with the public through services providing insight, intuitive navigation, simplicity in further use.

In general the awards will honour using data through innovative journalism, creative visualization og proof of advanced technology skills. Projects can be entered from media companies or freelancers in all Nordic countries. The jury will place special emphasis on resource utilization, methods and mastery of tools.

How to enter: Make a short project description (1-2 A4 or similar) with background, topic, team, datacollection and methods, tools and choices of publication and presentation. Also add the takeaways from the process and the response on the publication.

Some basic facts that should be included: Data sources: The data used and how they were collected. Resources: Number of persons engaged, budget, timeframe). Methods and tools used in the project. Present a main link for the published material with possible added links for parts. A screendump or link presenting the project visually.

The jury may nominate a number of entries for publishing before the award itself.

Entries are addressed to:
For questions: or Trond I. Hovland, NxtMedia,, tlf. +47 90103143

Winners 2013

Class "Facts"

Class "Storytelling"

Class "Application"