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The Media and journalism is in a state of flux. Digitalization of journalism is both a driver of change as well as a window of opportunities for new types of journalism. One key aspect of digitalization is the emergence of data journalism. Data journalism is defined as the process of journalism adopting and being transformed by new computerized tools and techniques for collecting, analyzing, vizualising, disseminating and consuming journalism.

The development of data journalism may change journalism from within regarding processes, products and professional values, but also connects journalism with new fields of expertise, such as ICT, business, statistics, law, information management and other professions and bases of knowledge. Challenges, as yet undefined, will arise for journalism as a profession, as work and daily practice, as well as for the structure and organization of media and for audiences being both consumers as well as distributors of data journalism.

These and other issues in relation to data journalism will be addressed at the NODA15 (Nordic Data Journalism) conference - January 30-31st, 2015 in Ålesund, Norway.

The conference intends via the combination of a professional and a scientific theme to bring together media professionals and media researchers concerned, in a broad sense, with digital journalism.

Open for submissions

The conference accepts both full papers (8000 words maximum, inclusive of an abstract [500 words minimum] and references) and extended abstracts (1000 words maximum). The abstract of "full papers" should be presented on the first page following the Title, Authors and Affiliations. All papers and extended abstracts will initially be reviewed by the scientific committee and subsequently evaluated by anonymous reviewers. Accepted papers will be invited for presentation at the conference. The number of full papers to be presented at the conference will be limited to 15. The number of extended abstracts to be presented at the conference will be limited to 7.

All contributions should be submitted in a Scandinavian language (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish) or in English in pdf-format. Papers should discuss data journalism from a variety of perspectives, such as collecting and analyzing big data, visualization of data and the context of societal issues, the distribution and interactivity of the products of data journalism. So long as papers discuss data journalism at any aspect - tools, products, case studies, business models and policy issues relevant for these processes - are valid.

Extended abstracts will, typically, present works in progress, ideas for possible projects or limited aspects of projects, such as methodological deliberations.

Submit paper

All contributions should be sent by email to:

The deadline for the submission of both full papers and extended abstracts is December 15th 2014. Authors will receive evaluation (acceptance or rejection) of papers no later than December 31st, 2014. If you need proof of acceptance prior to 31st December 2014, required for example to receive institutional funding, is possoble. Please submit one of the three required documents - a full paper;and extended abstract; or an abstract of 500 words at time before the deadline accompanied by a note explaining the reason for needing an early evaluation. Please remember the review and evaluation process takes two weeks. Furthermore, acceptance of a 500 word abstract does not guarantee acceptance of a full paper.

Scientific Committee Members

Professor Johann Roppen, Volda University College, Norway (coordinator)

Professor Harald Yndestad, Ålesund University College, Norway

Professor Lars Nyre, University of Bergen, Norway

Associated professor Arne H. Krumsvik, Oslo and Akershus University College, Norway

Associated professor Jens Barland, Gjovik University College, Norway

Assistant professor Turo Uskali, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Senior lecturer Esther Appelgren, Södertörn University College, Sweden